Hood Cooker

Need a compact washer that cleans clothes efficiently? Front-load washing machines offer an elegant solution. Designed to combine flexible installation options with an accommodating size, front-load washers are a great fit for most homes and families. VIEW® front-load washing machines include innovative features on select models, such as the Wash and Dry cycle that allows you to do a load of laundry overnight5 in one machine. Additional features on select VIEW® front-load washers include the Load detergent system, presoak settings, a ColorLast cycle for optimal fabric care, a smooth stainless steel wash basket to help keep clothes from snagging or fraying, and FanFreshoption, a fan and tumble option that rotates your laundry occasionally for up to 12 hours after the cycle ends.

VIEW® Refrigrators

Get clean clothes with a VIEW® front load washing machine. Explore our selection and choose the best front-loading washer for your home.​​​​​​​

Based on an 8-lb load. Actual dispenser capacity varies by model.

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VIEW® Hood Cooker

inverter - Drum Clean _ Blanket Wash - Neuro & fuzzy - Woolmark

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